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Reasons why are senior engineers leaving

Did you ever wonder: “Why are senior engineers leaving our company?”, then this blogpost might be just for you. I'm going to talk about my own experience - my small social bubble, the people and companies around me, myself included, primarily talking about software engineers – even though I do hear the same from other fields too.

Google Container Registry lifecycle policy for images retention

Is your Google Container Registry filling up, taking up storage and becoming expensive? How to handle images retention as a service? Amazon’s Elastic Container Registry has a feature called Lifecycle Policies to handle images retention.

HorizontalPodAutoscaler with external metrics from PubSub

There are certain use cases where scaling horizontally based on cpu usage does not really work well. Let’s say you have a consumer worker pool running on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Stackdriver Logging - json log transformations using Cloud Functions

Stackdriver Logging can get expensive. Sometimes you don’t need to query/store all your application logs in Stackdriver, especially dev logs. Or you simply don’t like Stackdriver (wink wink).

Kubernetes in production — PodDisruptionBudget

How to manage disruptions in Kubernetes? Setting a proper RollingUpdate strategy specs solves only one type of disruption. What about other disruptions like deleting deployments on accident, network partitions, kernel panics, hardware failures, pod evictions?

Autoscale nginx and php-fpm independently on Kubernetes

Let’s say I have a stateless php app that needs to run 24/7 and automatically scale up to perform well and scale down to be cost-effective.